simulated switches and outlets

with flat backs

any style, any color, any configuration...

for stage, motion picture and television scenery

simply double-face tape on

and save your flats and location walls.

DecoFlage...the first easy-on,
easy-off switch and outlet replicas

Whether you're creating sets for theatre, television, film, or commercials, you need design details that bring walls to life. DecoFlage is a complete line of switches and outlets that attach to flats and location walls with double-face tape to save you time and expensive wall repairs. No more cutouts or drilling holes to get the look you need. DecoFlage switches and outlets are durable, paintable, and affordable, and will perform brilliantly again and again.


We made our debut in 2008 on the set of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" on Broadway thanks to Ray Klausen

to order
traditional ivory
white modern (Decora) style
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(More styles and colors will be available shortly)

Patent Application Number: 12052134

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